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  Get prepared for your upcoming interview to secure your dream job with our online training programmes. 

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Interview Skills Training


Interview Skills Training

This interview skills training is completed online using zoom.

Interview skills training is an intensive bespoke training that covers everything you need to know to get your dream job! In this session, we cover everything from interview basics, typical interview questions, and competency-based interview questions.

Regardless of the type of interview that you will be completing, this service has got you covered! This training typically takes 2.5 hours; however, longer or shorter sessions are available depending on your requirements.

Interview skills training is suitable for you if:
• You have an upcoming interview and you want to get some guidance about how to complete a successful interview.
• You are looking to gain confidence about your upcoming interview.
• You haven’t interviewed in years and you are looking for a refresher course.
• You want to apply for a promotion within your organisation and you would like to get some guidance around the interview.
• You wish to get a promotion and you need to do a brilliant interview.

This interview skills training will ensure that you do a brilliant interview that will get your dream job.

Get in touch today to book your individual interview skills training session, contact us today!

Maria O’Dwyer Coaching

offers these services

online using zoom.

I have over 12 years’ experience working in Recruitment and Human Resources within several industries both in Ireland and Australia. The experience that I have gained working in the corporate world, adds to the wealth of knowledge that I can bring to my clients.

I have a very clear understanding of what employers are looking for in you, at interview stage.


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