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Career Coaching: Melissa Successfully Changes Career


The Challenge


Melissa was in a very unique position when she started career coaching.  She was working in a job that she loved and in a wonderful organisation that she truly believed in.  However, there was one aspect that was causing her some concern and that was she was on a temporary contract.  This was causing her a lot of uncertainty about her career and her future.  Melissa enrolled in some career coaching sessions to help to gain clarity and to identify what needed to be done to gain some job security. 


The Solution


During these coaching, Melissa considered all of her career options and she explored a few of them between the sessions.  However, it became quite clear very quickly that her ideal goal would be to secure a permanent role in her current organisation.  Melissa decided to be proactive and to update her CV so that when the next permanent opportunity becomes available, she would be prepared.  She was crystal clear about her career goal and this helped her to remain positive while she waited for a permanent position to become available.



The Results

As luck would have it, a permanent job became available shortly after these coaching sessions. She submitted her updated CV and she was committed to doing her very best at this interview.  She was successful in her interview and she was offered her ideal permanent position in a wonderful organisation.  Melissa was delighted to have enrolled in the career training and career coaching programmes as she now has the job security that she was looking for.

Disclaimer: Melissa is not the name of my client. This name has been changed to protect my clients privacy.