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Career Coaching: Sandra Successfully Changes Career


The Challenge


Sandra was working in a large organisation for over 10 years.  From an outside perspective, Sandra’s prospects were promising as she was working her way up the corporate ladder.   Sandra was highly respected among her peers and colleagues. She was hard working, diligent and always met her targets.  The reality was that Sandra felt demotivated and unfulfilled in her career. She felt that there was something missing in her career, but she didn’t know what it was or how she would find it. 


The Solution


Sandra decided to invest in herself and she enrolled in a Career Coaching programme to help her to get clarity and identify what it was that she wanted from her career.  During these career coaching sessions, Sandra had many moments of clarity.  She quickly identified her career passion and she realised that she wanted to start her own business. From this clarity and direction, Sandra continued with her coaching sessions to implement a strategy for action and to have the confidential support of a coach while taking courageous action.  


The Results

Fast forward two years and life for Sandra has dramatically changed. Sandra quit her permanent role, took some time off and she is in the process of establishing her own business.  She certainly feels fulfilled with the direction her career has taken and she is excited about her future and her business.  

**Disclaimer: Sandra is not the name of my client. This name has been changed to protect my clients privacy.


Thank you so much Maria for the excellent confidential coaching services that you offer.  You have helped me to get excited about my career and my business.  I highly recommend you and your coaching services.  Thanks again.   

Sandra, May 2020