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I have been exactly where you currently are and I also understand the feelings you currently have!  I have worked in fantastic organisations, in highly regarded roles, and I was excellent in these roles…..but I didn’t feel fulfilled or successful in these roles. I could not understand why I wanted to do more. I could not understand why I was not happy. I could not understand why I didn’t feel successful. From the outside it seemed like I had a perfect career developed, I worked in the Recruitment and HR industry for over 10 years and I was lucky to get permanent well paid positions with great benefits throughout my career. However,  it seemed like I was settling for second best! It seemed I was living a life for other people and trying to impress them (as if anyone really cares.). I was actually living my career in denial!  I was in denial that I could not possibly deserve more from my career. I was in denial that I somehow managed to convince myself that my great role and great perks were the key to happiness.

The reality was that I was unhappy and unsatisfied in these perceived highly regarded positions. It is scary to admit these feelings to yourself and it is even scarier at the thought of changing! I was living in a very safe and secure box and I was thinking of stepping outside of this “comfortable box” and felt like it was such a crazy thought.  Do you experience these feelings in your current role? When I mentioned the feelings I was having with other people in my network, the feedback was always the same “you need to stay here for maternity leave, you need to pay your bills, it does not make sense to leave this handy number that you have, it is hard to get good jobs”. There are so many people giving advice even though they aren’t the ones living it!  Have you ever experienced this?  I know these people had my best interests in mind when they were giving me this advice but it was not helpful to me at the time and it hindered me to take a brave step sooner.

I can honestly say that day when I handed in my notice to that job that was actually killing my soul was one of the best days of my life! It was the day that I decided that I am no longer going to put myself into a small box.  I felt liberated and excited about my future!  10 months after leaving that role,  I have established my career coaching and life coaching business and I certainly have no regrets.  I know what it is like to be in a career that doesn’t feel right for you, I know what it is like to make a change in your career and to step into the unknown. I know what it is like to do work that sets your soul on fire and I believe that everyone deserves to work in a career that sets their soul on fire! If you want to make a change in your career – Get in Touch Today – Click Here


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