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I recently had a few coaching sessions with Maria after I was made redundant. She provided me with excellent CV advice and helped me to improve my interview skills. Maria is not only a remarkable professional, she is also a great person that really cares about helping her clients. Thanks to Maria, I realised my full potential and am fortunate enough to have accepted a desired job offer despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to collaborate again in the future.

Jose Martin Rodriguez - Career Coaching Client

Maria is fantastic to work with and has exceptional expertise in coaching, career planning and leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed her programme as she motivated me to focus on my goal and achieve real results. Thanks to Maria, I’m on my way to starting a career in Recruitment. And she’s lovely too!

Síomha Ni Chaisleáin Career Coaching Client

After recently been made redundant I worked with Maria on some coaching sessions and found her advice fantastic. She is professional, well versed in her skill and is so encouraging and friendly which is great when you need career support. She helped me with my CV, interview technique and also gave me great advise on how to boost my hiring potential. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who would need assistance with their career.

Clodagh Kearns - Career Coaching Client

I worked with Maria for five sessions in early 2018 when she first set up as a life coach. I was unsure as to what this process would actually involve and was a bit concerned that it might all be a bit alternative, which would not have been my cup of tea. Thankfully the reality was nothing like this. The experience of life coaching with Maria allowed me to gain clarity around what I wanted to achieve both personally and professionally. It was really helpful to take some time and space to work out what I actually wanted to achieve as opposed to focusing on what I ‘should’ achieve or on others expectations.

Our work together helped me to develop the tools and techniques to identify my goals and the confidence to follow through on achieving them. Since I completed my work with Maria I have been promoted and I will begin a post graduate course later this year. Life coaching helped me to decide to really go for both these goals and I am very happy with my decisions and the results.

Maria is an excellent coach who does not impose her own solutions but rather helps you to develop the solutions that will work in your life. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain insight and clarity in either their personal or professional lives..

Orla Twomey - Career Coaching Client

I recently attended a career coaching session with Maria and I cannot recommend her services enough.  She was extremely professional, informative and accommodating throughout the entire process. She helped me to reach clarity about the direction of my professional future and create attainable goals to help me achieve career progression. Maria’s passion and insight really shines through when working with her and I cannot adequately express how beneficial I found the career coaching session. 

Mairead O'Donnell - Career Coaching Client

From our first meeting Maria really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, she helped me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them. Coaching with Maria allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and love of art with my working life. Fear had been preventing me from taking the steps necessary to make my art classes happen before. Maria helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me gave me the inspiration and tools I needed to explore possibilities out there and the confirmation that I can make it work. Maria gave me the space I needed to think out loud and offered just the right amount of support and encouragement to keep me going forward. Because of my work with Maria, I was able to identify my goals, narrow my focus set up my art classes. I found Maria to be practical and straight-forward and very encouraging. Thank you Maria.”

Claire Daniels - Coaching Client

I received career coaching from Maria at a time when I was completing a graduate programme and I was trying to determine my next step. The coaching I received was excellent and it provided me with many different options to choose from. Furthermore, Maria assisted me with my CV and job interview preparation as soon as a role I wanted came up. I was successful in my interview and I have Maria to thank for this. The guidance and support I received was second to none. It is now almost a year since my last coaching session and I am still using the notes and techniques that Maria taught me

Aine O'Sullivan - Career Coaching Client

I recently attended a career coaching session with Maria and I cannot recommend her services enough. She was extremely professional, informative and accommodating throughout the entire process. She helped me to reach clarity about the direction of my professional future and create attainable goals to help me achieve career progression. Maria’s passion and insight really shines through when working with her and I cannot adequately express how beneficial I found the career coaching session.

Mairead O’Donnell - Career Coaching Client

Maria coached me after I was made redundancy. She is very skilled, efficient and knows how to pin point your skills and ask you leading questions. It is obvious she is highly skilled and suitable for the work she does I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Deirdre McKenna - Career Coaching Client

Working with Maria has honestly been the best decision I have made all year! Maria is an amazing coach and very action orientated, which is exactly what I needed. Together we worked on my career plan and through timelines and action steps, I have followed through with some huge decisions. Maria is so supportive and is always available on the other end of the phone/email for extra advice if needed. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is thinking about a change in job or career.

Paula Sanfey - Career Coaching Client

Maria O’Dwyer created and presented a number of bespoke personal development and career preparation programmes for a variety of our (Cork Sports Partnership) Coaching Groups.  Maria is both professionally and personally well-suited for this line of work, she gets to know the participants and creates a uniquely designed plan for both the group and for each person based on their needs. I would highly recommend Maria to those who would benefit from this kind of personalised support and guidance. Every aspect of the programme positively impacted the participants. These included both interactive workshops, 1:1 coaching and interviews, everyone really enjoyed the participatory nature of the course content. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive

James Kirby - Cork Sports Partnership

I approached Maria through a personal recommendation to help with my job search and improve my self confidence. Through a series of video conference calls & active engagement, Maria guided me and recommended some techniques for both interviews and job searching. I found her to be very personable, approachable, friendly and an active listener, listening to my needs and concerns and coming up with great recommendations. I also appreciate that way beyond the initial career coaching session via video, Maria keeps in touch to see if she can be of further help. A very genuine, warm person with some great coaching skills and confidence boosting suggestions. I recommend her 100%.

Maurizio Mallia - Career Coaching Client

Maria ran a block of six Career Preperation workshops for our students on the Go Adventure programme at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre. Her professionalism, knowledge, coaching, guidance and delivery engaged the students each week. Her workshops have given several students the confidence to attend interviews, apply for courses and reflect on their previous experience and learning. One of our students attended an interview recently and followed the coaching she had from Maria and had a very successful outcome.’

Sinead Pollock - Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre

Maria is a professional with true passion for what she does, you can tell immediately that she loves her job and helping others. She possesses a deep understanding of the recruiting/staffing industry, the kind of knowledge that you won’t find anywhere on the internet (and believe me, I’ve looked everywhere.). The kind of knowledge that only people with extensive experience in this area have access to, but won’t share. On top of that, she makes you feel you are her only client and that she truly cares about you as a person and a professional. She provided me with useful tips and insights on the interviewing process, and again, not the general stuff you can find online but what happens behind curtains and how to be properly prepared and deal with it. She has a very pragmatic and methodical approach in her analysis and recommendations, always keeping in mind your specific case and how to turn an interview into a job offer. I found her a really committed and reliable professional and would surely recommend her.

Jesús Avila Landeau - Career Coaching Client

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Creating a CV that highlights your skills and experience effectively is the first step you need to take when looking for a new job.  The purpose of any CV is to get you invited for an interview.  If you have submitted your CV to lots of jobs (that you have the experience for), but you have not been invited for interview, your CV is the issue and it needs some work. 


Your CV has roughly 12 seconds to make a positive impression.  It is important that the layout and content of your CV is easy to read and understand within a short timeframe.   In this article, I will outline some simple tips on how to create a CV that makes a positive impact.  


Tips to create a CV that makes an impact  

CV Layout

Regardless of the amount of experience that you have gained over the past number of years, your CV should be a maximum of 2 pages long.  Any CV that is longer than 2 pages will reduce your chances of your CV doing its job i.e. getting you invited for interviews.  It is quality over quantity when it comes to CV writing.  When you are writing your CV, consider if the information will increase or decrease the chances of your CV doing its job?


Professional Photograph

There is no need to include a professional photograph on your CV if you are applying for jobs in Ireland.  Including a professional photograph does not add value to your CV and it takes up valuable space.  However, the requirements are slightly different if you are applying for jobs in a European Country so include a professional photograph on those applications. 


Reverse Chronological Order

The content of your CV should be presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the current and most recent work experience and working backwards.  Presenting your CV content in this format highlights your career growth and development, it emphasises the most recent jobs that you held and it is easy for the reader to understand if and when there were any career gaps.  In relation to the education content, you have a choice to either highlight this information in reverse chronological order or you can highlight the most relevant education for the job you are applying for first.  It is a personal preference but both options are accepted.


Relevant to the Job

One of the biggest mistakes jobseekers make when they are applying for jobs is that they submit a generic CV to lots of jobs.  This is a recipe for failure.  In order to avoid this error, spend time updating your CV for the job that you would like to apply for.  This will take time but it is time well spent, as this will increase your chances of being invited for interview.  It is much better to apply for less jobs and to spend the time updating your CV for those jobs, than to send a generic CV to lots of jobs.


Grammar and Spelling  

Once you have created a CV that is relevant for the job you want to apply for, check your grammar and spelling before you submit your CV for any job application.  It is easy to oversee these errors when you are creating a CV, but it will be the first thing the reader will spot immediately.  Perhaps even get a family member or friend to double check your CV for these errors. 


Once you have been invited for an interview, your CV has done its job.  It will then be up to you, to sell your skills and experience effectively during the interview in order to get a job offer. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you have gained some tips on how to create a CV that makes a positive impact.  Please share this article with anyone who might benefit from it. 

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