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Career Coaching: James Successfully Changes Career


The Challenge


James had spent a number of years working in the banking industry and he knew that he wanted a change.  James was very successful in the bank, but he knew that his current career path was not the career path for him.  However, he was unsure what direction he would take his career.  James signed up for some career coaching sessions to help him to gain clarity about his career direction.


The Solution


After a number of coaching sessions, James identified sales as an ideal industry for him.  He loves the challenge of working to targets and being rewarded for his efforts.  He considers himself a people person and feels that working in a sales environment would allow him to fully be himself.  He then identified a number of sales positions that interested him and after some research he identified recruitment as his ideal option. James knew that working in recruitment would allow him to work with a lot of people and to excel in a sales environment, playing to his strengths.



The Results

With this new excitement and focus, James applied for some recruitment positions and he started to get prepared immediately. He completed the intensive  interview skills training and a mock interview to ensure he was giving himself the best chance of landing his dream job.  After completing a number of interviews, James got offered his dream recruitment job.  He is now working in one of Ireland’s leading recruitment agencies where he is excelling in this sales environment and enjoys the daily interactions.



I can’t thank Maria enough for her hard work and commitment. I knew a career in banking wasn’t for me long term, but I also wasn’t sure what was. I attended career coaching sessions and I realised that a career in recruitment would be the perfect fit for me. After securing an interview, I completed the intensive interview skills training and a mock interview as I badly needed to brush up on these skills. Maria guided me through the process from start to finish in such a professional manner and made me feel so at ease every step of the way. I can’t recommend Maria enough.

James Nagle, June 2020.