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  We offer Career & Leadership Coaching on an individual basis online using Zoom. 

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Career Coaching

My passion is to help professionals like you to create the professional life you deserve.  I am a results focused empathic career coach and I am here to help you get your desired results.  Regardless of your professional goal, together we will work to achieve it. Career Coaching is a confidential two-way process where we work together to determine your career values and goals, interests and key work motivators.  

My coaching programmes are bespoke to you and your needs.  These programmes ensure you gain career clarity and empower you to take action to ensure you achieve career fulfilment and satisfaction. Career Coaching can be offered remotely or in person.  During Covid-19 all coaching sessions will take place online using Zoom. 

Career Coaching will help you if:

  • You are are feeling “stuck” or dissatisfied in your current career or job.
  • You are in a situation where you are now looking for a new role / career. 
  • You are unsure about what the next steps in your career are and need some clarity.
  • You want to create a career that brings more meaning and fulfilment.
  • You wish to gain clarity and confidence about your professional life.
  • You are determined about making a career change but feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to begin.
  • You would like to try something new but do not know where to start.
  • You are seeking a career promotion and need some assistance.
  • You want to start a business and would like some support while transitioning from PAYE to self-employment. 

What you can expect from working with me:

  • You will achieve your professional goal.  Whether you want a new job, a promotion, a complete career change or want to start a business,  together we will work to achieve your career transformation. 
  • You will gain career clarity and confidence about your career direction.
  • You will be empowered to take action towards career fulfilment and career satisfaction.
  • A confidential, supportive and positive space to explore new career opportunities and options.
  • You will gain clarity about your values, transferable skills and strengths.  
  • You will be supported while overcoming any fears, confusion and any resistance to change.
  • A step by step plan to ensure you know how to get where you want to be. 

 More information:

  • I offer bespoke programmes designed to meet your requirements. 
  • I also offer individual coaching sessions. 

Get in touch today or book in a complimentary call to learn how I can help you achieve your professional goals.  

Maria O’Dwyer Coaching

offers these services

remotely throughout the

world or in person.

I have over 12 years’ experience working in Recruitment and Human Resources within several industries both in Ireland and Australia. The experience that I have gained working in the corporate world, adds to the wealth of knowledge that I can bring to my coaching clients.

I have a very clear understanding of what employers are looking for in you, at interview stage.


Creating a CV that highlights your skills and experience effectively is the first step you need to take when looking for a new job.  The purpose of any CV is to get you invited for an interview.  If you have submitted your CV to lots of jobs (that you have the experience for), but you have not been invited for interview, your CV is the issue and it needs some work. 


Your CV has roughly 12 seconds to make a positive impression.  It is important that the layout and content of your CV is easy to read and understand within a short timeframe.   In this article, I will outline some simple tips on how to create a CV that makes a positive impact.  


Tips to create a CV that makes an impact  

CV Layout

Regardless of the amount of experience that you have gained over the past number of years, your CV should be a maximum of 2 pages long.  Any CV that is longer than 2 pages will reduce your chances of your CV doing its job i.e. getting you invited for interviews.  It is quality over quantity when it comes to CV writing.  When you are writing your CV, consider if the information will increase or decrease the chances of your CV doing its job?


Professional Photograph

There is no need to include a professional photograph on your CV if you are applying for jobs in Ireland.  Including a professional photograph does not add value to your CV and it takes up valuable space.  However, the requirements are slightly different if you are applying for jobs in a European Country so include a professional photograph on those applications. 


Reverse Chronological Order

The content of your CV should be presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the current and most recent work experience and working backwards.  Presenting your CV content in this format highlights your career growth and development, it emphasises the most recent jobs that you held and it is easy for the reader to understand if and when there were any career gaps.  In relation to the education content, you have a choice to either highlight this information in reverse chronological order or you can highlight the most relevant education for the job you are applying for first.  It is a personal preference but both options are accepted.


Relevant to the Job

One of the biggest mistakes jobseekers make when they are applying for jobs is that they submit a generic CV to lots of jobs.  This is a recipe for failure.  In order to avoid this error, spend time updating your CV for the job that you would like to apply for.  This will take time but it is time well spent, as this will increase your chances of being invited for interview.  It is much better to apply for less jobs and to spend the time updating your CV for those jobs, than to send a generic CV to lots of jobs.


Grammar and Spelling  

Once you have created a CV that is relevant for the job you want to apply for, check your grammar and spelling before you submit your CV for any job application.  It is easy to oversee these errors when you are creating a CV, but it will be the first thing the reader will spot immediately.  Perhaps even get a family member or friend to double check your CV for these errors. 


Once you have been invited for an interview, your CV has done its job.  It will then be up to you, to sell your skills and experience effectively during the interview in order to get a job offer. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you have gained some tips on how to create a CV that makes a positive impact.  Please share this article with anyone who might benefit from it. 

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